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At AirFi, we are passionately focused on one thing: delivering rural high speed internet. We know how important this is to you and we continue to invest heavily to bring you higher speeds as technology improves. We love technology and we like ensuring everyone has access to the online education, video conferencing, and streaming they need. We are building our network with the single goal of providing affordable and reliable high speed internet you can count on. AirFi is a fixed wireless broadband company offering greater speeds than the incumbent provider with a local team to support you and provide you with the best customer service experience possible!

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AirFi and the SAS system

AirFi is a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) which mean we provide internet to our customers over the

Air. To do this we use the CBRS ( Citizens Broadband Radio Service) band to broadcast internet using

frequencies within a 150mhz spectrum.

What is the SAS

The SAS (Spectrum Access System) is a cloud-based service that manages the wireless communications of

devices transmitting in the CBRS band, in order to prevent harmful interference to higher priority users. Those

other Higher Priority users include 1.) The Military 2.) The services that have specifically bought some of the

SAS with a license.

How it works

In previous years there were 150mhz of frequency that was set aside for military use. However, that was

rarely used. So the FCC has decided to open up those channels to everyone, and this is the reason we are

able to service you with the internet over the air. There is one major stipulation to this which is that if the

Military decides at any point that they need to use the frequencies we are using, then we have to allow

them full access. This affects our area because we are within 400km of the East Coast. What this means

for our AirFi Customers: During this time of the Military using the frequencies we broadcast on, it will

suspend our ability to provide internet service until they are done. This is done by the SAS. If and when

this happens, there is a chance that the FCC / SAS services will move our radios frequencies to an open

frequency if one is available, this is not guaranteed . Lucky for you, AirFi has purchased 40mghz of the

150mhz spectrum available. These frequencies belong to AirFi and no one else is allowed to use them in

this area. But as soon as the Military gets involved we will have to get out of the way, including the part of

the spectrum we have purchased, this is known as a DPA ( Dynamic Protection Area).

What you will hear from us if you contact us about your internet is that your radio is Granted which means

it is good to go on the SAS service, but that means it is not Authorized yet. Once the radio gets Authorized

your service will be up and running, until then we must wait for the SAS to Authorize your radio. Any

outage due to a DPA are typically a brief outage and should not last more than 24-48 hours, unless some

heavy Military actions are in tact. The very first time your radio is connected AND/OR anytime your radio

is rebooted, this initiates a First Day Grant request to the SAS, and from that point the ball is in their

court until the SAS either (Grants, Authorizes, or Suspends) your service. This means we can hook up a

new radio at your home/business and it could work, but within 24-48 hours after we do this, your radio

could potentially lose connection. Should that happen we must wait for further instruction from the SAS.

This also means that if you ever need to reboot the radio (for example from a power outage) this also

initiates a First Day Grant request.

What does this mean for AirFi Customers?

The SAS is a relatively new system and we at AirFi are still learning the system ourselves. As we learn

more about the SAS we have seen some of our installs go smoothly and work immediately, as others have

not. This doesn’t mean you are not eligible for service, but more like suspended and will have to wait a

firm 24 - 48 hours until the radio is Authorized in the SAS. The suspension on First Day Grants is

common according to the SAS , an install will be suspended for a day or two before it is allowed to

transmit and get you service. The SAS system will refresh Grants every morning between 12AM and 3AM.

This means you could be installed at 1PM by 4PM the SAS can change the status to suspended, then

between 12am and 3am your grand request could change to Authorized and at the point the internet

would start working, or it could continue to be suspended, in which case we at AirFi might have to make

changes to the radio before the SAS will Authorize during the DAY 2 Grant. Hence why we say 24-48hours.

Thank You

At AirFi, we want all of our Customers to have the best experience. As we move forward with this new

system, we will have some ups and downs, it's almost guaranteed. We are going to do the best we can

with the SAS system, and how it is set up. Thanks for being patient on us.

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